Wild Country – Proton Quickdraw

The new Proton quickdraw is sports specific and impeccably designed to enhance the all-important clipping moment. 

Distinct hot forged back and gates have been carefully thought out to create an ergonomic pair of biners engineered around our new variable width webbing to make an awesome package. Built for the smoothest clipping and stripping, the Proton’s elegant style enhances and redefines this integral part of the sports climbing experience. Additionally, deep internals locate both the bolt and rope in the most effective and efficient way, producing a clean hanging draw that’s perfectly balanced.

Finished in a stylish new colourway, with clip and rope end defined, this is a formidable combination and essential kit for any sports climber.
Quickdraws are available in 12, 17 and 25cm on variable width webbing with new ‘Vice’.

Proton Straight Teal / Gunmetal 49 g / 1.73 oz 23 kN 7 kN 7 kN 22 mm EN12275
Proton Bent Teal / Gunmetal 48 g / 1.69 oz 23 kN 7 kN 7 kN 25 mm EN12275
Proton 12cm QD Teal / Gunmetal 116 g / 4.09 oz 24 kN 9 kN 7 kN 24 mm EN12275
Proton 17cm QD Teal / Gunmetal 120 g / 4.23 oz 24 kN 9 kN 7 kN 24 mm EN12275
Proton 25cm QD Teal / Gunmetal 127 g / 4.48 oz 24 kN 9 kN 7 kN 24 mm EN12275