Location: Canberra, ACT   Elevation: 577m   Discipline: Mountain Runner   
Favourite Trails: Namagi National Park, Victoria Alps

While training for an Obstacle Course Race in 2012 Sam started to enjoy  trail running more than OCR racing. He soon began competing in trail running races and preferred hilly courses which led him to pursue mountain running. He has continued to improve every year and his running career highlights now include winning the 2018 Ultra-Trail Australia 50k and representing Australia at the 2018 World Mountain Running Championships. Sam is also a husband, dad & Project Manager but always makes time to run & train on his local hills in Canberra or in the mountains.


Location: Melbourne, Victoria   Elevation: 5m   Discipline: Mountain Runner   
Favourite Trails: Grampians, Victoria Alps & Dolomites.

Alice was a member of the Australian National Rowing Team and won World Championship medals in lightweight rowing events between 2005-2015. Rowing took her around the world including to European lakes nestled between majestic peaks. Lago di Varese, Italia was a home away from home for many years.  Alice found that power, strength endurance and a mindful rowing rhythm, translated well to vertical running, and Alice now travels around the world running up buildings & mountains. She is 7 x winner of the Eureka Tower Climb in Melbourne, and has also won the Empire State Building Run Up, Willis Tower in Chicago, KL Tower Malaysia, and Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Alice has recently finished on the podium in trail races like Bright 4 Peaks Alpine Climb and The Razorback Run. Doctor life keeps her busy and indoors, so the mountains and trails are the perfect release.


Location: Blackheath, NSW  Elevation: 1,066m   Discipline: Climber
Favourite Crags: Nowra, Grampians & Blue Mountains.


Location: Blackheath, NSW  Elevation: 1,066m   Discipline: Climber
Favourite Crags: Grampians & Blue Mountains.