Red Chili – Corona VCR

Featuring a sharp low-profile toe, a killer slingshot heel and bonus toe rubber for super-tech hooking, it’s obvious that it performs!

The midsole is tweaked to give even more sensitivity and feedback while our double VCR straps add in easy ‘on and offs’ between boulder sends, redpoints, or on belay.

The lightweight synthetic material prevents stretching and keeps the shoe’s shape even after many hard sends. Our Corona VCR comes with the tried and proven heel construction of the Matador.

It has a medium downturn, making it comfortable to wear despite its radical focus. A smart new graphic simply enhances this great package.

A proven product, the Corona VCR wears with a fit, function and performance that really works. Special characteristics: extra light (430 gramms in UK 8), assymetrical build, medium downturn, one-piece top rubber.

  • VCR straps for easy adjustment
  • Sharp asymmetric low profile toe
  • Microfiber upper, leather insole
  • Bonus rubber over the toe and in the arch for added versatility
  • Low-stretch synthetic material
  • Super sticky 4.5mm RX2 Red Chili rubber
  • Sizes UK 3 to 12, half sizes
  • Colour: White / Black