La Sportiva Solution Comp W

Climbing shoe designed for maximum performance on climbing competitions.

Solution Comp is the climbing shoe designed for maximum performance on climbing competitions. Originating from the famous Solution climbing shoe, it boasts greater coverage at the front thanks to the rubber toe cap designed for toe hooks on overhangs and it has a more tapered heel to favor heel hooks on micro-holds. Perfect distribution of tension is guaranteed thanks to the P3 System technology which allows to maintain the shape over time. Solution Comp is a soft, precise, very elastic and reactive shoe: developed thinking of the movements of climbers on the volumes that today characterize indoor structures. The lacing is precise and quick thanks to the Fast-Lacing system. It has a lock –harness construction for a perfect binding of the foot. The XS-Grip2 sole provides for maximum grip for a precise and safe climb.

Solution Comp: the solution is in the name.

Upper: Combination of suede leather with microfiber, tubular construction
Lining: Pacific toe, Elastan tongue
Midsole: Hytrel anatomical support of the metatarsal arch combined with the P3 system
Patent: P3 (Permanent Power Platform), Fast lacing system, Lock Harness
Weight: 480 g per pair