La Sportiva Skiboots

Extremely technical and at the same time comfortable and warm. They guarantee support and performance skiing downhill, and lightness and ease of movement going uphill. The ideal choice for all types of hiking on the snow. The La Sportiva range of ski mountaineering boots includes both products with four-buckle closure, perfect for tackling downhill runs on powder and two-buckle products that are mostly recommended for ski touring, which involves a higher percentage of uphill climbs, and for those who want to keep the weight to a minimum. The La Sportiva line also contains the famous Stratos model, made of carbon and titanium: the best materials around for skiers who race.

Sparkle 2.0

La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0

Spectre 2.0

La Sportiva Spectre 2.0


La Sportiva Synchro