TeckROCK Roca – About


Tech rock is the company that has put these four major brands together. It is the business name under which the best products offered by these brands are being further manufactured, designed and developed. We, the entire team of Tech Rock, are proud to be part of this industrial process, to be the manufacturer of products that generate so much passion, so much excitement… and to belong to this community. We present you a review of the best products of our brands while we remind you that they are not the only ones. You can count on us and tell us the product of your dreams that you would like us to manufacture for you. Our goal is: to manufacture, learn, research, progress and grow. To be the factory that you need to live out your passion for the mountain. We are working to become a benchmark team and with your help we are certain that we will succeed. Hereby we would like to thank our shareholders for their confidence, continued support and the work they develop in cooperation with us.

We’ve come a long a way since Joan Roca initiated making braids in 1891 to the current harnesses and polyamide ropes with Secure Low Shock. Our inspiration and motivation along this 100 year journey came from all those mountain sports that unite us.