Source – Widepac Hydration System

Most innovative, smart and successful design, the Widepac™ Hydration Pack Bladder makes filling cleaning and draining easier than ever, and it’s 100% leakproof. Choose one of three reservoir volumes.

All SOURCE Hydration Systems are low maintenance & easy care thanks to our unique GlassLike™ and GrungeGuard™ technology. Choose one of three reservoir volumes (1.5L/50oz, 2L/70oz, 3L/100oz) according to your needs.

Triple layer taste and odour free PE film with anti microbial agent
Co-extruded tube
PP, PE & POM injected plastic parts
Silicon mouthpiece

Widepac Dimensions
1.5L/50oz; 18.5cm x 32cm, 165g
2L/70oz; 19.5cm x 35.5cm, 170g
3L/100oz; 21.5cm x 42.5cm, 180g