Source – About

SOURCE is a groundbreaker in Hydration Systems and Sandals technology and is well known for tactical gear, hiking sandals, hydration and travel accessories for over 20 years.

Background & History of SOURCE:
Pronounced Shoresh in Hebrew, SOURCE was founded in 1989 by Yoki Gill and Daniel Benoziliyo and now employs more than 200 workers. It has always been a groundbreaker in hydration and sandal technology and is well known in the Tactical Gear, hiking sandals, hydration and travel accessories categories worldwide for over 20 years, currently selling in more than 25 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and many more.

SOURCE’s products are produced in-house at our ISO 9001, located in Tirat-Carmel, Israel.

SOURCE is a company with strong ties and responsibility to the community, promoting and enhancing the idea of a sustainable local economy. Each year 5% of SOURCE’s net profit is dedicated to social or environmental activities in the nearby community.

In search of the SOURCE, they are are committed to …
– Satisfy the genuine needs of people who inhabit the outdoors.
– Bring original, functional, long-lasting gear to the market place.
– Incorporate human values in all aspects of our business.
– Encourage ourselves to identify with our collective goals and share responsibility.
– Liberate our working environment by excluding all forms of prejudice.
– Embrace human relations as an extended family within our company.
– Advance towards the goal of environmental sustainability.
– Initiate social change that makes unity and equality a common practice.
– Make curiosity, joy, respect, passion and caring, part of our daily lives.