Lowe Alpine – Travel

Lowe Alpine travel bags are durable, rugged and have tamperproof zippers to keep your kit safe. They are the perfect companion for your next adventure off the beaten track.

The travel pack range includes spacious kit bags that come with shoulder straps and comfortable metal handles. Lowe also have wheeled packs with wide handles and all-terrain wheels for easy manoeuvring through airports. If you're off on a weekend trip we have perfectly sized carry-on flight bags, like the AT Lightflite, that are built to maximise your luggage space.

What are you waiting for? Get a pack, fill it with kit and let's go!

AT Wheelie 60

Lowe Alpine AT Wheelie 60

Lowe Alpine duffle bags are built to survive the roughest handling and the most arduous adventure travel conditions, think a stamped of errant yaks or being tossed from the roof of a lorry at 50MPH. That’s why Lowe clad the Wheelie in an abrasion resistant fabric then added a specially engineered and exclusive TPU coating to it to make sure it can really stand up to the gnaliest knocks and scrapes. They also developed an extra wide handle from one piece of high grade aluminium that takes up minimum space in the body while offering the benefits of better manoeuvrability and control to the user. read more

AT Voyager

Lowe Alpine AT Voyager

Travel rewards the brave; so be brazen, be bold by packing up and heading off on your first worldwide trip with the AT Voyager joining you for the ride. Life on the road can be tough; extremes of weather, abrasive travelling conditions but tougher still is the combination of the nylon fabrics this pack is constructed with. As are the locking and tamperproof zippers, designed to keep your gear away from quick fingers. read more

AT Lightflite Carry On

Lowe Alpine – AT Lightflite Carry-On 40 (20″)

When you are off on an air journey and you need the convenience of robust yet lightweight travelling hand luggage, then the AT Lightflight Carry-On is the one for you. With dimensions to fit airline cabin requirements, this bag is ideal for short trips and lightweight travel. Using a lightweight version of the tough tear resistance fabrics on larger adventure travel packs, you can be confident that the outside of the pack will withstand testing conditions. read more