The Agent – About

Forget all that strength training, campusing and hangboarding you’re doing. If your climbing shoes aren’t sticky, or your palms and fingers are greasier, you are going to have a much harder time staying on the rock! In other words, you are going to FALL!

Chalk is an important ingredient for success or failure and has been relatively ignored by climbers as there seems to be a common assumption that all chalk is the same.

8C PLUS has developed a range of allergen, heavy metals and additive free food grade chalk products that are focused to improve your grip and overall performance during that all important onsight/redpoint attempt at the crag or in the gym. Based in Barcelona, the engine room of Spanish climbing, the folk at 8C Plus have consulted with some of the best climbers in the world to perfect The Agent’s blends, it is the best chalk on the planet…..