Outdoor Research Scotty Hawker’s UTMB Journey

Outdoor Research in it’s element at UTMB, words from Scotty Hawker OR brand ambassador.

OR Helium II Jacket – The Perfect Light Weight Answer

First and foremost the Helium II Jacket was in it’s element in the severe weather conditions at race. I had a back up jacket with my crew just incase the Helium soaked through with all the snow and rain that we had, but I never had to change over jackets throughout the 21hr 55mins I was travelling around Mont Blanc. I knew it was a great piece of kit but this even surprised me! My crew were also loving the bright lemongrass colour as they were able to easily pick me out within the pack of runners early on at checkpoints. This is the go to rain jacket for ultra running, and I would recommend the Helium to all that venture into the sport. Its not the lightest jacket out there, but only a few extra grams of tape sealing and more durable fabrics it does the job and more…

Outdoor Research Sensor 150 Gloves – A Must Have

A big concern for me was cold hands! So alternating throughout the race between the PL 150 Sensor and the PL Base Sensor gloves enabled me to help regulate my body temp and stay warm. Through the night the PL150 were more than up to the job and then through the day the Base Sensor kept things comfortable and also prevented any rubbing from wet hiking pole straps! I’m not a big user of gloves when running as the cool temps both ready phase me normally, but the extreme conditions at this year’s UTMB I wasn’t going to leave the start without a set of the perfect gloves!

Echo Ubertube

The final item that was part of my kit was the Echo Ubertube. Like the Echo Tee the material is a dream to wear and the Ubertube is such a versatile and comfortable piece of kit to have. It was instrumental in helping me keep warm and also cool off where the outside temps ranged from -10 up to 12 deg. I will not be leaving home without the Ubertube no matter the weather conditions….

There’s not really a better test for trail running equipment than at the worlds most competitive trail ultramarathon and I can’t speak highly enough of how the gear performed!


Scotty Hawker OR brand ambassador. finished 11th place at this year’s UTMB in 21hrs 55mins! The 2017 edition was the most competitive ultramarathon in the history of the sport…..

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