Masters Trail Series

Masters Trail series includes poles with highest technical features, with reliable and comfortable materials, gutsy colors and designs: they’ll accompany you during your journey! Some models are suitable for trail-running, others for multiple-days excursion; all the poles are dedicated to experts and enthusiasts or those who are looking for the “perfect” product.

Trecime Carbon

Masters Trecime Carbon

The Masters Trecime Carbon is an ultralight pair of poles ideal for trail running and lightweight travellers. This kind of fixed-length carbon poles are very popular in the ultra trail running community as they are so lightweight and pack down so tiny. The top three pole sections are 100% carbon fibre, while the bottom one is aluminium. read more

Treclime ALU

Masters Trecime ALU

The Masters Trecime Alu is a folding Z-pole with length adjustability – a rare feature for a pole this compact! It has 5 sections (ø 16-14-12mm x 3) made of Aluminum Alloy 7075 to assure reliability to obtain maximum performance. It is assembled with a Falco grip and a strap with quick-dry inner material; this pole is provided with long support with carbide tip for a great grip on every kind of terrain, even icy. read more

Dolomiti GT Calu

Masters Dolomiti GT Calu

An adjustable length trekking pole featuring Masters’ lightweight and strong carbon fibre-aluminium composite construction. All three sections (diameter 16-14-12mm) of the Dolomiti GT Calu are made from aluminium wrapped in Carbon fibre, giving you the weight savings of carbon fibre with the strength of aluminium. Sold as a pair. read more