La Sportiva Climbing

La Sportiva climbing shoes produce the right model for every rock climbing style as they are made with different construction, fit and closure systems. All footwear models share the same DNA: innovation, sensitivity and accuracy. Just as all mountain, boulderers and sport climbers share passion, genius and a pinch of madness in their DNA. Turning all this into winning products is the challenge La Sportiva took up over 85 years ago. Shoes for everyone’s needs: for those looking for top performance, sensitivity, comfort and durability, and also for those who are just starting to climb. Whether you tackle boulders, multi-pitch routes, smooth rock faces or sheer cliffs, La Sportiva footwear is ideal for all types of rock climbing. That is a “Made in Italy” guarantee.

La Sportiva – About


La Sportiva – Genius

The Genius climbing shoe uses the innovative No-Edge technology by La Sportiva and features a lace-up closure system. It uniquely combines the sensitivity and performance of the “no-edge” technology to the comfort, precision and volume adaptability of lace-up models. This particular construction method allows for the perfect adaptation to different types of rock deriving from the larger surface area in contact with the holds, while comfort is guaranteed by the lacing system that allows for perfect regulation of inner volumes and wraps the foot snugly and precisely, providing even greater support. read more


La Sportiva – Skwama

Sensitive, snug fitting, flexible climbing shoe ideal for top performance both on rock walls and in the gym, designed for use on overhangs and slabs. Like the scales of a snake, Skwama is the super sensitive, all embracing climbing shoe, capable of supporting the climber in his more technical moves on overhangs. (indoors and outdoor) and on slabs. read more


La Sportiva – Otaki

Performance climbing shoe, precise, supportive and structured: ideal for climbing on crags, walls and boulders. Otaki in Japanese Samurai slang is the oldest single wire sword: read more


La Sportiva – Solution

Soft, precise, revolutionary. Fits like a glove. The Solution to all your “problems”. read more


La Sportiva Muira

In the La Sportiva line up for over 10 years, the Miura is the perfect tool for performance footwork whether it be on slabs, vertical or overhanging steep rock. The high tensioned Slingshot Rand is tied into the Powerhinge on the sole so that when small edges are weighted the shoe stretches in the back half of the shoe and not in the front. This allows you to stick on the smallest edges you can find or imagine!