Waka Waka


Waka Waka believes that access to energy, having power, is a basic human right and is essential in everybody’s life. Access to energy, means access to education, communication, and income generating opportunities. More than a billion people around the world live without energy and face serious consequences in their socio-economic development. Therefore, creating worldwide access to energy is much needed.

The world’s greatest natural energy resource is the sun. It’s abundant, sustainable and available everywhere. It’s a solution for everyone that is in need of power, but has no access to the grid, whether it’s permanent or temporary.

With WakaWaka, everybody is able to tap into the sun. For earthquake survivors, rural farmers, office commuters, or outdoor enthusiasts, they can all make use of solar products with the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.


The WakaWaka Solar Panel is a powerful performance extension to your Power+, or a way of turning your Power 5/10 into a solar charged power bank. It delivers 10W from the four SunPower panels and can be directly connected to the Power5/10. To connect to a Power+, or other USB chargeable products, use the solar panel in combination with the WakaWaka Solar Link. You can then charge your telephone and Power+ at the same time.

  • Full 10.000 mAh battery in 6- 12 hrs in the sun
  • Average smartphone charge 5x
  • Super efficient 10 Watt solar panel (4 x 2,5 Watt)
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant


The WakaWaka Power 10 is the next step in the evolution of portable power. The Power 10 is intended for anyone that hates to be out of power or loves to be on the move. Just as the Power 5 it converts solar energy into battery power significantly faster than any other powerbank on the market today. And of course it also works as a regular power bank with its 3 USB ports and possibility to be charged from the grid at high speed. Combined with the WakaWaka Solar Panel you can charge your powerbank wherever you are.

  • 10.000 mAh LiPo battery
  • Average smartphone charge 5x
  • 3 USB out for simultaneous charging
  • Fast charging USB 2.1A
  • Solar panel charging port
  • Deep discharge protection for max battery lifetime
  • Solar panel not included